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Wellers Impact Business Continuity Statement

Dear All,

We, here at Wellers Impact, hope you and your family are healthy and safe in this unprecedented time.

As we are adjusting to working from home around the world, we wanted to share how we are responding to the challenges that we face from COVID-19.

Over the next few months, Wellers Impact will be:

Focusing on Community:

While we are working from home across the globe and practising social distancing, we are actively supporting one another through regular check-ins and acts of kindness. As many in the world are doing, we are focusing on the good news stories from our local communities and finding ways that we can each positively contribute to our local communities too. With most of our work and second office based in Kenya, we will have a particular focus on our colleagues and their communities there.

Engaging with our Partners:

We are actively engaging with our East African not-for-profit partners who are essential service providers within their local communities. We are hearing their stories and challenges and determine ways that we might be able to support them and their communities in the short term, as well as in the long run through transforming their land assets and building financial sustainability.

Continuing to Invest in Essential Service Providers:

We are continuing to source global investment opportunities in the water and sanitation sectors through our work with Water Unite. We are also continuing to support banks and agriculture corporates through our provision of Sustainable Development Finance.

Building New Relationships:

We are taking the time to establish new relationships. Many will look for ways to help, especially to provide support to those in developing countries. We enable investors to do this through our local presence and pipeline of opportunities that facilitate long-term financial sustainability for local not-for-profits and social enterprises.

Taking Time to Reflect:

We are taking this as an opportunity to reflect on the importance of impact investing, especially to East Africa and their essential local institutions. We will be exploring how our innovative investment models and partnerships with local institutions can contribute to the recovery and resilience-building that will be required by all across the globe.

As we progress through the next several months, we will share our learnings and reflections as well as the stories of our partners and investees on our website and LinkedIn page. We aim to inspire hope, but also raise awareness of the unique challenges that developing country institutions will face in response to COVID-19 and how impact investors can play a crucial role in their recovery.

All our best wishes,

The Wellers Impact Team


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