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Design and 

Gearbox Europlacer - jump-starting electronic design and digital-making across Africa and beyond.


The technology sector is key to achieving long-lasting competitive advantage.  Wellers has established the only technology design and innovation hub in sub-Saharan Africa, accessible to all.

This has been made possible through Gearbox Europlacer, Electronic Manufacturing for Africa, a unique for-profit and non-profit funding model and platform which builds new innovative pathways to help tackle the SDG challenges.

In the context of a rapidly evolving geopolitical world, technology designs and solutions developed solely elsewhere are a risk, from several perspectives including national security, intellectual property rights, brain-drain and offshored supply chains to name just a few.


So, at Wellers we are using our decades of blended finance and investment expertise to unlock a wealth of new opportunities and talent in Africa, for the world.

Supported by international specialists, our team of engineers and designers in Kenya collaborate with local and global SMEs to put smart ideas on the right pathway, locally developing new tech products and services to help solve many of the world’s SDG challenges.

Using our financing and investment management expertise to be purposefully disruptive, we are breaking the cycle of SME dependency, helping many tech businesses and businesses needing tech innovation to access Technical Assistance, achieve stronger outcomes, open up new markets and achieve fairer funding terms.

Gearbox Europlacer exports its high-quality products and services to the world, making the most of Kenya’s progressive tax exemptions and reliefs.

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