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Financing to support firms in the food and commodities markets to innovate, scale and adapt to changing market conditions.

What we do

Wellers Impact’s Sustainable Development Finance facility connects global investors, who have liquidity sitting idle, to the food and commodities market in developing countries at fair terms.


Wellers Impact arranges this funding, in G7 hard currencies, for food and commodities corporates located in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Latin America on attractive terms through reputable local banks. This is done through arranging Letters of Credit and Guarantees on food and commodity corporate trades.


Wellers Impact is continuing to seek to build relationships with food and commodity corporates as well as reputable local banks in these regions globally.


This brings a number of benefits to the banks and corporates that we work with:

  • Provides food and commodity corporates with access to international Investors via their existing relationships with local banks

  • Provides banks with access to cash investors in hard currencies. This optimises balance sheet funding gap, Liquidity Risk and Regulatory Ratios. These tangible benefits for the Bank are designed to be shared with food and commodity corporates.

  • Any commodities price risk on trading of commodities associated with these financing facilities are passed onto Wellers Impact’s Investor, therefore providing access to international capital without currency, price or delivery risk.

Impact and SDGs

Case Study - Agriculture Corporate in Kenya

Wellers Impact has been working with a large farm and their advisors arranging a working capital solution to help the farm to re-develop and rehabilitate some of its existing land bank to make space for new lines of business, after they adopted hydroponic technology. The projects to be undertaken by the farm will require US$10 to $20 million of funding over 2 years.

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