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Water Unite Impact has strengthened its investment thesis by adopting a "Water+" approach to generate larger impacts in and beyond the WASH sector.


What is Water+?

Access to clean water is undeniably critical for human well-being. However, conventional WASH approaches fall short in addressing the complexities of modern challenges such as rapid urbanisation, rural development, financial sustainability and climate change effects. 

Our Water+ initiative was created to address these critical issues in the WASH sector’s changing landscape.

Water+ recognises the need for collaboration and integration across sectors to solve the global water, sanitation, and health crisis and is committed to fostering purposeful and practical relations to enhance the impact of its initiatives.

This investment thesis addresses the intricate and diverse web of factors influencing health and wellbeing and advocates for a comprehensive approach. The Water+ approach transcends the traditional boundaries of WASH services and considers the interconnection of environmental, social, and economic factors within and beyond WASH.

5 Pillars

WUI has identified 5 pillars that reflect the wider Water+ nexus which are embodied by the programs our investment vehicle supports:

Larger 5 pillars and text barlow.png

WUI provides risk-tolerant capital to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that provide solutions across these five pillars, addressing the wider water nexus and creating impacts and encouraging innovation beyond the typical WASH investment approach.


Impact generated through investment will be measured and reported, in line with international best practices. 

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