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Real Estate


All of our real estate projects set out to empower local institutions to be independent and financially sustainable whilst also providing investors with an opportunity to make a risk-adjusted, market-rate return.

Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy is to partner with not-for-profit organisations to co-develop their prime land assets. The contribution of their land and subsequent part ownership of the development provides them with a sustainable income stream, enabling them to expand their impact and transform their communities.

We assess the best use for available land by undertaking feasibility studies and developments in the following sectors: commercial real estate, student accommodation, affordable housing, leisure and family developments, leisure developments and infrastructure opportunities.

The Investment Process

Wellers Impact project manage the development from start to end to co-create the new development and deliver competitive returns to investors.


Select from our pipeline of investment opportunities


Prepare opportunity for commercial developments


Securitisation of land asset & project management

Fair Exit

Completion of sales, delivery of fair exit and return to investors


Track impact of ongoing sustainable income stream

Fair Deal Philosophy

Wellers Impact implements a Fair Deal Philosophy in order to ensure our partners receive a fair equity share of their new development and a share in the profits generated above the projected rate of return. This Fair Deal Philosophy is integral to our close relationships with partnering ethical businesses and not-for-profits and our investment model.

Fair Deal Philosophy

Not-for-Profit Partners

Many not-for-profit organisations in East Africa had the foresight to buy land in current prime locations. Now, exploitative property developers are looking to purchase the land from these organisations potentially hindering their future growth and ability to use their land to generate a sustainable income stream.


Wellers Impact believes that by co-developing prime real-estate, whilst the not-for-profit maintains their freehold ownership of the land, significant impact can be realised.

Our partners contractually commit to achieving a greater ongoing impact from the income our developments release. Our due diligence process ensures the not-for-profit organisation has good governance practices and strong institutional structures.

Return to Investors

Assisted by the contribution of land by our not-for-profit partners, we forecast investors will receive a competitive, risk-adjusted, market-rate return.


Wellers Impact's relationships with land-owning organisations give access to land estimated to be worth over US$1 billion in gross development value. Due to this unique partnership strategy, investors do not incur the cost of purchasing the land but takes full control and security over land and buildings during the investment period.

Wellers Impact focuses on a combination of short and long-term return strategies.

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