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Ongoing Wellers Impact Sustainable Development Finance

Wellers Impact continues to provide Development Finance to high quality emerging market Corporates on behalf of leading global investors. Wellers Impact arranges access to G7 hard currency funding through Letters of Credit and Guarantees, that are facilitated through reputable local banks.

Throughout COVID-19 and the rapidly changing market conditions, Wellers Impact is continuing to focus on this work in order to ease the economic effects of the pandemic for Corporate clients to ensure businesses remain open and operational. Key industries in emerging markets are suffering from a glut of hard currency funding due to a fall in exports and Wellers Impact can arrange a solution that helps.

Wellers Impact is continuing to support Corporate activity at this difficult time in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Latin America with access to G7 funding on attractive credit terms through local banks. Wellers Impact is working with Corporates in the export/import related food, agriculture, energy, supply chain, supermarkets, healthcare, medical, safety, security, manufacturing and education sectors.

Please contact Yusuf Merchant at or visit the Wellers Impact website for more information.


Wellers Impact is a UK-based, FCA-Regulated Impact Investment Manager and works to unlock community-focused impact through SDG-focused impact investing. Through innovative investment models that utilise fair economics, Wellers Impact originates investment opportunities across three core business activities: real estate developments in partnership with local land-owning not-for-profits in East Africa, financial support for agriculture firms and supply chains globally through sustainable development finance, and direct investment into private water, sanitation, healthcare, and plastics recycling firms globally. Investment involves risk. Suitable for Sophisticated, Professional and High Net Worth Investors only.

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